Our team

Meet Our Team of Passionate Professionals Dedicated to Children’s Health
Founder and CEO: Sara Zolfaghari M.S.
Founder and CEO: Sara Zolfaghari M.S. Sara has been working in the healthcare industry for years. She started early on as a research scientist and later worked as a consultant for major pharmaceutical companies for over 8 years. Along the way she found her passion for the traditional and herbal medicine, just like her late father. After her daughter was born she took this passion to the next level by creating unique and useful products for children. She was inspired by her own child to make these products fun and enjoyable. Finally, after over 2 years of research and experiments, nature soothie™ was born.
Medical Director: Dr. Robert Heller
Medical Director: Dr. Robert Heller Robert has had a diverse career in healthcare.  He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA Medical Center, Research Investigator for major Pharmaceutical companies, and CEO for several companies with unique biotechnology in the fields of nutrition, cardiology and neuroscience.  He was News Anchor for the Cable Health Television Network. He practiced Internal Medicine in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Now, he is proud to be working on nature soothie™, and fully supports it.
Naturopathic Advisor: Dr. Al Sarvestani
Naturopathic Advisor: Dr. Al Sarvestani Dr. Al is a certified naturopathic practitioner, doctor of chiropractic and a third generation herbalist. He has over 25 years of experience identifying and using traditional and herbal remedies. He learned early on from his grandfather- a traditional herbalist- all about different herbs/plants and their benefits. He has great regards for nature soothie™ products and has seen the benefits on his own patients. He fully supports nature soothie™ and recommends it to his patients.