A mom on a healthy mission

The inspiration for nature soothie™ came when scientist mom, Sara Z, set out to find a natural product that would soothe her daughter when she experienced common ailments. There were natural and herbal remedies on the market but none of them were available in a form her young daughter would take. Sara set out to create a product that could naturally soothe her daughter and also have a taste that even the pickiest of eaters would enjoy. Sara’s road to creating nature soothie™ started very early on in her childhood kitchen. Her father was also a scientist who regularly worked on natural remedies at home. He often invited Sara to help him with his recipes and that is where her passion for creating natural remedies was born. Eventually, her late father developed and manufactured his own line of supplements which allowed Sara to learn the ins and outs of taking a product from an idea to a reality. The high quality and natural ingredients used in nature soothie™ were also inspired by Sara’s childhood. Her mother a chemist and a strong believer in the health benefits of cooking from scratch was insistent on only using the freshest and healthiest ingredients to feed the family. Sara has the same passion when it comes to her own daughter and has put great care into selecting the ingredients for nature soothie™. That is why you will never find artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives in any of the nature soothie™ products. When Sara started the process of developing a kid-friendly herbal remedy, she tried to think of something that all children enjoy. She had already tried putting herbal remedies into her daughter’s yogurt, smoothies, and other foods but her daughter always noticed that they were there! Then, Sara got the idea of putting herbal remedies into a lollipop. Lollipops are something kids love and Sara was confident she could make one that tasted great without using artificial ingredients. Over the span of two years and 100 batches, nature soothie™ was born. Now, Sara has a way to naturally sooth her daughter because she loves the taste of nature soothie™. During the process of trying to develop a natural remedy her daughter would take, Sara realized that there were a lot of other parents dealing with the same dilemma. She believed that she had found a solution to their problem and decided to make nature soothie™ available to all parents. Sara embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and left her job in pharmaceutical research to pursue the nature soothie™ dream. She combined her knowledge from graduate level studies and pharmaceutical research with the natural remedy lessons from her late father to develop nature soothie™. Now, nature soothie™ provides every parent with the ability to give their children an all-natural and great tasting treat that is full of beneficial herbs.

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