Nature soothie™ and GrowingGreat Collaborate to Encourage Kids to Make Beneficial Food Choices

The mission of nature soothie™ is to ‘create natural products full of beneficial herbs that kids will enjoy and parents can feel good about.’ We want to support parents in encouraging their children to make natural choices from an early age. In addition, we want to show parents and kids that the natural choice can also taste great. The nature soothie™ philosophy is:
  • To support the foundation of natural living and eating habits in children by providing an all-natural product that tastes great.
  • To provide a product with organic and non-GMO ingredients that are responsibly sourced.
  • To create a great tasting product without using artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives.
nature soothie™ is excited to partner with non-profits that have similar philosophies to ours. We are happy to announce that we have had the pleasure to connect and start collaborating with a wonderful non-profit called GrowingGreat. They aim to teach children the importance of healthy eating habits through their garden education program and nutrition education program. In the garden education program, children get to be directly involved in process of planting, tending, harvesting, eating, and selling their own organic produce. The nutrition education program is classroom friendly nutrition lessons that are aimed to inspire healthy eating habits and provide the information kids need to make good food choices. The mission of GrowingGreat is to ‘empower every child to grow up healthy through science-based garden and nutrition information.’ The philosophy of GrowingGreat is to teach children to:
  • Eat a wide variety of colorful, whole foods that are close to their original source.
  • Choose higher quality, beneficial foods more often.
  • Select local, seasonal, organic, and/or sustainably farmed foods when possible.
  • Appreciate the impact of food on our overall well-being so that we can think, feel, and perform at our best all day long!
GrowingGreat and nature soothie™ are both on a mission to show families that there are beneficial foods and herbs that taste great and can have an impact on their overall well-being. The philosophy of GrowingGreat aligns with our commitment to provide natural products using high quality ingredients. You will never find artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in the nature soothie™ line of products. In addition, we work diligently to find ingredients for our products that are responsibly sourced. This collaboration between nature soothie™ and GrowingGreat will go a long way toward reaching more families with valuable information about living naturally and making good food choices. Giving back to the community is a natural extension of our overall mission and philosophy at nature soothie™. We want all parents to know that there are natural remedies available when their little one needs soothing. That is why nature soothie™ will be donating all-natural honey lollipops to a few lucky schools and child centers. You can nominate YOUR school or child center to receive these all-natural lollipops. We would love to hear from you whether you work at one of these places or have a child that attends. Tell us why you think your school or child center should get the all-natural lollipop from nature soothie™. Contact us at: Email: Subject: honey lollipop program We look forward to reading your submissions! .
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