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Peter Rabbit and Chamomile Tea

Children’s stories and fairy tales are used in cultures throughout the world to teach lessons and pass down wisdom. We can learn a lot about life and how to treat others through the timeless stories we grew up with and now pass down to our own children. These stories are such effective teachers because they are full of characters that children love and want to emulate. One of the most beloved storybook characters we have in English literature is a little bunny named Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit learns many important lessons through his adventures. When he sneaks into Mr. McGregor’s garden he learns that his actions have consequences. He found that if he eats the vegetables in the garden he will suffer the consequence of getting chased by a man with a rake. Peter also learned that going to an unfamiliar place, such as Mr. McGregor’s garden, without permission can result in being lost and afraid. Thankfully, Peter Rabbit finally found his way home. He escaped with his life from the hands of Mr. McGregor but lost his shoes and jacket along the way. He was sad to lose his clothes but realized that his life matters much more than things. Peter learned what the phrase ‘home sweet home’ really means when he flopped his exhausted body down on the floor of his little rabbit hole after a day of literally running for his life. His mother recognized that he was not doing well and gave him a table-spoonful of chamomile tea and sent him off to bed. At the end of the story the reader is left hoping that Peter Rabbit learned the most important lesson of all-which is that little rabbits should always listen to their mother! We, as parents, can also learn something from Mrs. Rabbit. She recognized that Peter was not feeling his best and she provided him with the natural remedies of rest and chamomile tea. If you notice that your little bunny is not one-hundred percent consider a natural approach before going directly to the medicine cabinet. Herbs such as chamomile and passionflower can help soothe and relax your little one after a day full of adventure. Peter had to take his chamomile in the form of tea but you have another option for your little one. Relax Soothie and Comfort Soothie lollipops use a blend of these herbs to naturally promote calmness and relaxation whenever your little one needs some extra help calming down. Beatrix Potter, ““The Tale of Peter Rabbit”,” Peter Rabbit and Other Stories, Lit2Go Edition, (0), accessed October 14, 2016,
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